“Is the Blank also a colour? ì The Blank is a colour of the mind. The mind has a colour that we never see because some other colour always passes through our minds and superimposes itself on our gaze." Italo Calvino, 1985. Inwritten meanings are arising from these apparently elusive words, able to generate valuable questions and new ideas. But, what is Blank? Is it Blank” a faded and weak color tone or is it an invite to reflect? Is it an empty space where you can get lost or more nuances are supposed to be beyond it? Can the color of mind be the prism of the change? Translating the word “Blank” we find both the term “empty” as well as the word “white”, which is the color that contains all colors in itself. Therefore, “Emptiness” and “Color” become words that echo ourselves and generate thoughts after thoughts. Emptiness is not only a physical dimension but also a state of mind, to be welcomed and kept through our senses and also through reflection and contemplation. The installation, through the simple And instinctive act of walking invites you to symbolically immerse yourself in the empty space where colors materialize and capture our gaze. So Italo Calvino's incipit becomes an experience that alludes to see emptiness and colors one by one as rhythmic patterns that recall the musical and harmonic principles. The color lines from the floor space out with the dark ones in one narrative dimension, real as much as imaginary. Is it perhaps the “Blank” color that gap between the mind lines, that space which we are called to fill up with awareness, knowledge and humanity?

Commissioned by Targetti Art Light Foundation presso Galleria d'Arte Moderna Il Castello - Brera Design District Milano