All places have a sound soul. Some environments express their sound soul through voids and silences, as if in the soundtrack to a film others with cacophony and dissonance. Other times the human presence pervades the atmosphere with the sounds of thoughtful and harmonious work. Watchmakers are among them, there are dimensions where the hands operate with sensitive gestures and these small movements generate sounds that reach the ear in the form of acoustic sensations. A constellation of sound fragments that if caught by the rhythm of time it creates emotion like music. The music has been recorded with the actual sounds of the artisans at work in their different environments? filing the tiny parts of the watch movements, the hand polishers working on the cases, the drills working on bearings, etc. The Installation includes 4 cone-shaped speakers that oscillate back and forth from the ceiling. In addition, 24 individually motion activated speakers are positioned on the walls. The cones spread a constant sound in the environment, activating and layering one sound at a time. Each of the speakers on the side walls emits a unique sound when passed. The sum of the base sound emitted by the oscillating cones in the center and the speakers on the sides, compose a melody played in unison as a unique orchestra. At the end of the execution, the wall speakers deactivate, one at a time, the sound from the cones remains.

Commissioned by Parmigiani Fleurier