A pendulum swings facing a butterfly greenhouse to represent time which “flies" with a reflection. «Time is like butterflies! If you chase it you can't catch it, if you stay still, it settles on you. We measure it precisely, for butterflies it is as if it does not exist. Maybe time outside the clock is just a light flapping of wings? ». A sensory installation created with a 6 meters high luminous pendulum custom made in mirrored plexiglass and a greenhouse with 200 specimens among chrysalis and Morpho Peleides butterflies, from certified farms in South America with territorial ASL authorization. The insects were checked constantly by two biologists who monitored their health and observed their reproductive behaviour for studies relating to the protection of the species. At the end of the installation, the butterflies were transported in special containers to an insect farm in Abano Terme managed by Dr. Enzo Moretto.