CHILDPIX contracts the two words: children and pixels, with an artistic idea and reflection. Children are the evolution of life, they give life to the communities and represent the future. Pixels are points of light that shape, color, and movement to images. Both have the power to create new realities only through the commitment and presence of others. The digital artwork created for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation committed to breakdown the economic and cultural barriers to give growth and beauty to the less fortunate. A site-specific project presented at the Gran Guardia in Verona. The real objectives achieved by the Foundation in 2017, have been organized in numerical data and inserted in a Content Management System (CSM). They were subsequently processed with an authoring program for creating animations (UNITY) and processed with generative video graphics. The result is a visual abstract, poetic and multicolored which transforms data into a visual and sound emotion.

Commissioned by Andrea Bocelli Foundation