CHILDPIX by Felice Limosani is the title of a generative video installation that blends the words child and pixel into a creative idea and artistic reflexion. Children are the evolution of life, they animate and represent the future. Pixels are specs of light which bring images to life through their shapes, colours and movements. Both have the power to create a new reality by working collaboratively. This digital artwork is a tribute to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, which works to eliminate financial and cultural barriers in order to give the least fortunate access to beauty and cultural development. A site specific project exhibited at the Gran Guardia in Verona blending solidarity with technology. The Foundation’s 2017 objectives were filed in a Content Management System (CSM). Later, Felice Limosani worked with this data by using an authoring programme for animation creation (UNITY) and processing them with a generating graphic video. The result is an abstract yet visual artwork, both poetic and multicoloured which transforms data into a visual experience enriched by sounds.