Audio visual installation exploring the Wagner’s concept of the “Gesamtkunstwerk” in which individual arts come together to create a total work of art (Gesamt totality - Kunst arte - Werk made). The dimension of factory is transposed into a work of its own. Thanks to digital arts, the place becomes both a set and an expressionist language at the same time. Here, Ars Una is expressed by a mix of light flows, images and music to transform the industrial setting into an immersive experience.

FRAME explicitly refers to the logo represents a different color, orange, green, red and blue. These have been translated into an audiovisual set ending with the color white. Not as an aesthetic choice but rather a way to highlight contains also fifth color. In fact, the "framed white" perfectly translates the meaning of Gesamtkunstwerk, the “white” constitutes the sum of all colors, their maximum enhancement, White is light!”.